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Skilled Workers - Professionals - Other Unskilled Workers

Several immigrant visa categories are based on employment. Your education, skills and work experience are some of the factors used to determine if you are eligible for a specific type of employment-based visa.

Skilled Workers

  • You must be able to demonstrate at least two years of job experience or training, not of a temporary or seasonal nature. Relevant post-secondary education may be considered as training;
  • You must be performing work for which qualified workers are not available in the United States; and
  • A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required.


  • You must be able to demonstrate that you earned a U.S. bachelor’s degree (or its foreign degree) related to the occupation and that this degree is the normal requirement for entry into the occupation. Education and experience cannot be substituted for a bachelor’s degree;
  • You must be performing work for which qualified workers are not available in the United States; and
  • A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required.

Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)

  • You must be able to perform unskilled labor (requiring less than two years training or experience), that is not of a temporary or seasonal nature, for which qualified workers are not available in the United States; and
  • A labor certification and a permanent, full-time job offer are required.


Application Processing Steps

Step One: Permanent Labor Certification

The first step is being interviewed by the prospective employer (if required). After this interview, the employer will then make a hiring decision.  We do not have any control over this part of the process.  If they wish to hire you, they will notify our office that they want to file a permanent labor certification (“PERM”) application on your behalf.

 To do so, the US Department of Labor requires that they file for a prevailing wage determination which can take 3 to 4 months to acquire. They also must test the job market in the area of the employment offer.  They do this by recruiting for the job they wish to offer you to ensure there are no US applicants.  Once recruitment is complete, and if they do not find any qualified US workers for the position, we then file a PERM application on their behalf.  This part of the process can take 6 – 9 months, not including the possibility of a random Audit by the Department of Labor, which can add 6 to 8 months.  

While we cannot guarantee this timing (as the employer dictates the process), we have tried to account for most possibilities in the processing timeframe.

Step Two: I-140 Alien Worker Petition

Once the PERM is approved, we can file the I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) on behalf of the employer.  You would be responsible for the government filing fee of $700.  As your legal representative, we can provide you with more information regarding this application.  USCIS’s current processing time frames for adjudicating these petitions is 8 to 10 months.

There is an alternative faster route called Premium Processing.  However, only certain countries qualify for this upgrade.  There is a government filing fee of $2,500 for this upgrade process with USCIS. This upgrade requires USCIS to either request further information, or adjudicate the case within 15 calendar days.  Obviously, this option is much faster.

Once the case is approved, you become eligible to apply for a green card application before either USCIS (if you are legally in the US at the time of filing) or before a US Consulate in your country of residence.  Please note there are a certain number of visas allotted for this category each year.  If you are from China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, Philippines, or Vietnam, please contact us regarding current visa wait times for your country.

Step Three: I-485/ Consular Processing (Green Card Application)

Once your I-140 is approved, USCIS will forward your application to the National Visa Center (“NVC”).  This third party was created under the Department of State to facilitate US Consulates abroad in collecting your information and documentation.  We will guide you through this entire process as your legal representative.  Once the NVC receives your file from USCIS, they will send you a request for fees and documentation.  

The fee is $345 per applicant, which is paid directly to the NVC.  We will collect your information and documentation and send it to the NVC on your behalf.  Once the NVC has all information and documentation, they will send your file to the US Consulate in the country of your residence.

Once the US Consulate receives your file, they will schedule you for an interview for the immigrant visa.  Again, we guide you through this entire process each step of the way.  Once you have been approved, they will place a visa stamp in your passport.

 You must enter the US prior to the expiration of this visa.  Upon entry, you will give a border officer the visa packet from the US Consulate.  You then receive your green card and social security card in the mail.

Process Flow Chart


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